Digital printing has changed the Textile Industry drastically over the last 10 years. Not only is it more cost effective it also uses less harmful chemicals then traditional print methods and can be utilised to generate less wastage too. As someone who adores colour and detail Erinn finds digital printing medium she loves to work with. Below are a few examples of products printed using digital methods she has designed for baby swaddles.


Intricate detail is a key element Erinn enjoys when designing for digital products. The idea that an item can be used for multiple purposes makes it so much more valuable in her eyes.

In this case the base cloth is Cotton Muslin predominately used as a swaddle. When it features a fun print however it can be used as a light blanket, as stroller shade when out and about and also to stimulate a child's mind by playing eye-spy or for play with trucks and toys as a rug.