Out of Sundaland was an Asian fusion restaurant in Melbourne, Australia who were after a unique wall collage for the restaurant entrance and bathrooms. This was a collaboration project with a range of artists using a range of mediums including; Kasi Metcalfe, Photographer also one of the owners of the restaurant, Graphic Designer Samantha Whetton and mixed media painting by Erinn and fellow Textile Designer Georgina Matthews. The artwork was then cut and torn to create a variety of collages which were then pasted onto the brick walls by Kasi and Erinn using poster glue.


Inspiration was taken from Sundaland itself, a 2.6 million year old land mass that has now broken up into Malaysia, BorneoJavaSumatra and their surrounding islands.

Images of tropical plants, swarms of bats, patchy and itchy textures were used all inspired by the humid jungles that would have existed back then. The majority of the images were collaged on top of each other much like leaf litter on a tropical forest floor, to create a layered effect.

The project was the first of it's kind for Erinn and really sparked an urge to step outside of surface pattern design based on fabrics and continue to work on similar collaborations in the future!